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MemWords remembers your passwords

What is MemWords

MemWords is a free online password manager.

It stores your passwords in a secure way, protected by a single master password.

Anywhere you are, log in to MemWords using your master password, and find all the passwords you have previously stored.

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  • Completely free, as in beer, and as in speech.
  • Create any number of accounts you wish, and add any number of cards to each account.
  • Traffic secured by SSL.
  • All sensitive information encrypted in database.
  • Icons of your web sites automatically found and retrieved.
  • Random generation of passwords, with custom preferences.
  • Translated in various languages (English, French and Italian are currently supported).
  • Uses JavaScript and AJAX for a better user experience, but degrades nicely without JavaScript support.


Is it secure?
Yes. The traffic between your computer and the server where the passwords are stored is protected by SSL.
What about the administrator of MemWords? If he looks into the database, he will find out my passwords, right?
No. Most of the information in the database is encrypted: the passwords, but also the logins, notes, URLs, icons, etc.
It's encrypted, but the administrator must know the key, else the information could not be decrypted, isn't it?
No. The key used to encrypt your information is protected by your master password, that you're the only one to know.
More information about security in MemWords
What are the algorithms used to protect my passwords?
There are two main cryptographic algorithms used by MemWords: AES-128 and SHA-256.
Why not using AES-256?
First reason: MemWords is a hobby project, hosted freely on Google App Engine. And Google App Engine doesn't support AES-256.
Second reason: AES-128 is secure enough. Your master password is the weakest link anyway. If you're really paranoid about your passwords, don't store them anywhere but your brain.
What if my master password is compromised?
Too bad. You still have the possibility to change it, or to destroy your account. But the security of your account depends on the strength of your master password. Choose a strong one, and keep it to yourself.
What if I forget my master password?
Too bad. MemWords is designed to forbid anyone, even with access to the database, finding a master password. Your account will thus live eternally, and nobody will ever be able to access it anymore.
Do you guarantee that my information won't ever be lost?
No. MemWords is a hobby project. I give you the application, and you may browse the source code if you will, but use it at your own risks.